Pickering’s Team was created in the summer of 2013 by Dan Morrison (d-mo) and David Clark (dunter), who were both working for Pickering at the time. Dan was about to leave to start a new job, so the idea was formed to create a guild in order to keep in touch over a shared passion – first person shooters! We were swiftly joined by Jody King (joker), who was also at Pickering at the time, and soon after we invited a wider range of people to join.

The first games we played as a clan were CS:GO and Battlefield 4. Both on PC of course!

2013 – Summer

  • Clan formed
  • Main game: Battlefield 4


  • Main game: CS:GO
  • Clan officers Breezer, domaz, bisult777 and sparky join


  • Main games: CS:GO, COD: Black Ops III
  • Clan website launches on Clansweb


  • Main games: CS:GO, Battlefield 1
  • A large portion of the clan starts to play WoW with the Legion expansion. Most are back by Thanksgiving!


  • Main games: CS:GO, Destiny 2


  • Main games: CS:GO, Destiny 2, Battlefield 5
  • Clan website moves to WordPress. Clansweb sucks!